Financial and managerial assistance for your drinking water system

Our Mission:

Safe Drinking Water.

We use innovative, objective analysis to help your water system meet its priorities and provide safe, reliable drinking water today and into the future.


Our Expertise

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What is important to your water system? Is it recovering the full cost of running the system? Ensuring that all customers can afford enough water to live on? Supporting economic development in the community? Conserving water? All of the above?

Are you meeting these priorities? What does your gut tell you? Is your gut right?

At Water Finance Assistance, we remove the guesswork. Through innovative data analysis, you will see your water system in a more accurate light. Our metrics will help your water system measure what’s important to you in an objective way. And we will help you take the necessary steps to fix any issues we find.


Our Services

Water Finance Assistance helps your water system provide safe, reliable drinking water that meets your priorities through improved finance and management. We help you understand how your water system is performing through objective data analysis. We offer programs for federally regulated drinking water systems of any size or ownership. Our goal is to ensure that your system has adequate funding, skilled employees, and functioning infrastructure today and into the future.


Helping you achieve your priorities

Improving your water system through objective data evaluation and technical assistance. Our experts will work with your employees, management, and board to understand what is important to your water system. By combining your operational and financial information with outside data, we will evaluate how your system is doing in meeting those priorities in an innovative way. And we will help improve your performance where necessary by helping you design and implement system improvements and programs.

educational programs

Improving your water system through presenting financial and managerial best practices. Our experts will provide workshops and webinars that will teach practical skills that you can use to improve your water system’s financial and managerial performance. These educational programs can be offered for employees of a single water system or for a broader audience. In person workshops will include opportunities to interact with infrastructure funding program representatives and to network with other water systems in your geographic area.