Our Services


Innovative water system analysis

What is important to your water system? Water Finance Assistance will work with your water staff, management and board to identify your priorities. Often, systems only have a gut sense of how they are doing. Through our innovative data analysis, we will measure your system’s performance in objective and interesting ways. We combine information from your water system with outside data from census, SDWIS, and other sources. Whether you care about having enough money for your system, making water affordable, encouraging economic development, or using water efficiently, we will help you understand how you are performing today and what obstacles may be headed your way in the future.

targeted technical assistance

How can your water system improve in order to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable water today and into the future? Water Finance Assistance will guide you through changes to your finance and management to better system performance and efficiency. The assistance is tailored to the unique needs of your water system. Our goal is to help you address issues you are having now and to avoid any problems you may have in the years to come. We offer assistance with rate setting, long term planning, workforce development, financial health, affordability, water system partnerships, and water conservation finance. We have experience working with systems of all sizes in every part of the United States.



interactive educational programs

How can your water system learn about finance and management best practices? Water Finance Assistance offers workshops, webinars and conference presentations to give you the information you need to achieve your water system’s priorities. Our workshops include interactive exercises and discussion as well as presentation, allowing you to learn through doing and to network with each other. The goal of the educational programs is to teach you a set of skills that you can take back and use to improve your water system. Our workshops also feature opportunities to interact with major infrastructure funding programs such as USDA and the state revolving fund. Our experts have led more than 100 workshops and presented to more than 3,500 water system staff, managers, and board members on rate setting, long term planning, workforce development, affordability, and water conservation.