Financial and managerial assistance for your drinking water system

Our Mission

Safe drinking water is essential for protecting public health in our communities.  We literally cannot live without water, and drinking water systems have as much of an impact on public health as do doctors and nurses.  Water is after all the only utility we ingest. 

Reliable drinking water is essential for the growth and sustainability of our communities.  Plentiful, good quality water available on demand allows people and businesses to locate to and remain in our communities.

It’s a big responsibility.  At Water Finance Assistance, our mission is to help your water system provide this essential service today and into in the future.  We convey financial and managerial best practices in easily understood ways, helping you make the improvements you need to meet your priorities and have a well-functioning system for years to come.  And we continue to push forward the water sector’s understanding of finance and management through our innovative approaches. 


Water for the future

" We have an obligation to our communities to ensure that we can provide safe and reliable water today and for generations to come. It’s essential that our water systems are well funded and well managed. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us. "

— Glenn Barnes, Water Finance Assistance Director