Areas of Expertise


appropriate revenues for operations and capital investment

Ensuring that your water system is financially healthy today and into the future. We will help you assess whether you are recovering enough funds to keep the system running today. We will also help identify future capital expenses and anticipate changes in costs and revenues over time.


Affordable access to safe and reliable water

Ensuring that every customer in your water system can afford enough water to live on. We will help you assess how your current customers are able to afford water service and whether they are paying bills. We will also analyze how changing demographics and anticipated expenses will impact the ability of future customers to afford water service.


promoting economic development

Ensuring that your water system attracts new businesses to your community and retains current businesses. We will help you assess whether your water pricing and policies are attractive to business and industry, including agriculture. We will also help you determine how much industry can be added given your treatment and supply constraints.


maximizing the efficiency of water use by customers

Ensuring the most efficient use of water within your system. We will help you assess customer usage patterns to determine how many customers likely have discretionary water use. We will also analyze whether certain pricing and non-pricing approaches can help reduce or promote discretionary water use in the community.


building and maintaining the right team of employees

Ensuring that your water system has the right employees for success today and into the future. We will help you assess your current workforce for the water system in all areas. We will help you plan how to retain and promote your best workers and how to develop new workers to become leaders of the system in the future.